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In the article “Die Trying”, Katie J.M. Baker points out the difficulties of being a rape victim in Alabama and nationwide. The article “Die Trying” talks about a student named Megan Rondini who attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa who accused T.J. Bunn Jr. of rape. The events that led to sexual assault happened in July 1, 2015 at night where Megan Rondini went to Innisfree Irish Pub with a couple of her sorority sisters and drank five cups of beer. After drinking the beer Megan Rondini blacked out and found herself in T.J. Bunn’s car with his friend going back to his house. When Bunn arrived at his house he told Rondini that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her but she told him many times that she did not want to participate …show more content…

Rondini then went back to Bunn’s room and his car to see if she left her keys there and took a three dollars and a gun but dropped the gun when she fired it by mistake. Megan Rondini’s friend picked her up and drove her to the hospital at 2:40 a.m. When Megan Rondini went to the police station to file a report against Bunn and to be interviewed the investigators already doubted her. When Rondini’s story came to the part of grabbing the gun the investigators modified their questioning to her comportment of the previous night. The investigators did not test Megan Rondini’s urine or blood nor did they do a rape kit on her. Investigator Jones told Megan Rondini that based on her previous remarks it did not show that she refused him because “You never kicked him or hit him or tried to resist him”. Then Investigator Jones proposed Megan Rondini a “refusal to prosecute” form to sign but she declined because she wanted a public record of her accusations against Bunn. When T.J. Bunn Jr. arrived at the police station for his interview with his lawyer, Investigator Josh Hasting told Bunn “I’ll get y’all out of

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