Why Did Amy Albritton End Up In Jail

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1. What new vocabulary words did you come across? What are their definitions? Ambiguous.- having several possible meanings. Discrepancies.- suggest that something is wrong and has to be explained. Litany.- a resonant or repetitive chant 2. How did Amy Albritton end up in jail? Amy Albritton went to Houston to a job offer that her boyfriend, Wilson, got. While Wilson was driving Albritton’s car they were stopped by a police. The officer David Helms, with the consent of Albritton, searched her car. Helms found a white crumb on the floor, the officer believed it was crack cocaine,.Albritton was arrested under the charges of possession of a controlled substance after the officer Helms did a drug test in order to prove if that white crumb was …show more content…

Describe the field test used by Officer Helms. The field test used by the officer Helms consist on a simple test tube that contains a pink liquid called cobalt thiocyanate, which turns blue when it makes contact with certain compounds, and one of them is cocaine. 4. What is a plea bargain or plea deal? Plea bargain is an agreement between the prosecutor and defendant where the prosecutor offers the accused to plead guilty to a lesser sentence or to only one of several charges without going to court. What percentage of cases in Harris County are the result of a plea bargain? In Harris County, 99.5 percent of drug possession convictions are the result of a plea bargain Why do the people you have read about or watch in the Oliver episodes take a plea? Many defendants accept a plea bargain because they want to avoid the time and cost of defending and the risk of a harsher punishment. 5. What did James Miller discover about Albritton’s evidence? After analyzing the “ white crumb substance” it showed negative to crack cocaine or any other controlled substance. It was a combination of aspirin and caffeine. Albritton was innocent. 6. What did the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals do with Albritton’s

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