Abstraction Essays

  • Joanne Tod's Directional Carpet

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    graphics and product. During the period of when Joanne created Directional Carpet, the exploration and movement from realism and conceptualism was a response to the political, economic and societal circumstances that were occurring during this time. Abstraction became a popular way of expressing this during this decade by modifying and culling existing situations, advertisements, pieces of art and media. Tod was aware of this method and its rhetheoical power and impact it made. By representing images in

  • Internal Conflict In The Awakening

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    The Awakening by Kate Chopin, is a highly acclaimed and controversial classic which is widely accepted as a big cornerstone for the women's movement. It can be said that such piece of literature helped lay some of the foundations for the political theory of feminism, and it suggested and inspired many women to seek their equality. This is mainly because the book itself explores the physical, emotional and mental state of Edna Pontellier, whose goal was to step out of the boundaries of a stereotypical

  • The Lover Of Wisdom In Plato's The Republic

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    In The Republic, Plato writes about his thoughts on good, justice, and how we can achieve it. He starts off by stating that for human happiness and to live the best life philosopher-kings are needed. Not everyone can become a philosopher; certain people simply are non-philosophers also called lovers of sights and sounds. Plato makes the distinction between lovers of wisdom(philosophers) and lovers of sights and sounds clear using beauty as an example. Non-philosophers see ''fine tones and colours

  • The Importance Of Professional Judgement

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    Language: the language that teachers use has to be high level, which conveys a sense of professionalism that is honourable, moral and dignified. Professional judgement: the teacher should be able to place the needs of the students at the center of professional judgement. The teacher should be aware of his/her individual values, personal experience, commitment to authenticity, decision-making processes and work towards providing sound judgement. There is a school of thought which says that judgement

  • Importance Of Comparative Literature

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    The Traditional / Conventional approach to the teaching of literature in English leads the study of literature to frozen state. The traditional approaches talk about the past glories, histories and imaginative stories. In order to make the literature study more scientific and realistic, the comparative approach may help the culture cross students and research scholars. Gerald Gilespie claims that comparative literature is a new form of literary criticism employed in all form or trends such as structuralism

  • Literary Analysis Of 'The White Album' By Joan Didion

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    2) This extract is found in “The White Album” written by Joan Didion, who is the creator of many significant different literature pieces, both novels and essays. “The White Album” was published in 1979, and is the first and longest essay in the book. In this essay Joan Didion essentially uses a women as a connecting thread to describe what was happening in America at that time. I believe that the woman may even be herself to a certain extent, trying to externalize all her thoughts. What is perceived

  • Homer And Hesiod Analysis

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    Homer, Hesiod and the Epistemological Tradition Homer’s and Hesiod’s epic poems do not contain a philosophical system. Epic narrators are no critical thinkers whose purpose is to compare and analyse conflicting views on the origins of the world as well as on human nature, ethics and religion, searching for most adequate answers. Still, Homer and Hesiod have a philosophical value and can be integrated into a philosophical debate. Even if we limit our analysis to their role in the tradition of Greek

  • What Is Critical Thinking In Nursing

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    Introduction One major objective for nursing education is to produce nurses with the aptitude to think critically and consequently, be able to provide safe nursing care; and in doing so one must possess characteristics of knowledge, judgment and skills. According to Suliman (2006) the critical thinking dispositions (CTD) and learning styles (LS) of student nurses are of major concern to nurse educators because it affects the teaching methods used in their development. Ju An and Sook Yoo (2008) assert

  • The Awakenings Movie Review

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    Samantha Denise Sanchez OT 1-1 Movie Review Ma’am Anne Peggy Obre Movie Critique of “Awakenings” The Writer: Oliver Sacks The Director: Penny Marshall December 12, 1990 The movie “Awakenings” is a story about a doctor's extraordinary work in the Sixties with a group of catatonic patients he finds languishing in a Bronx hospital. Speculating that their rigidity may be akin to an extreme form of Parkinsonism, he seeks permission

  • Pedagogy In Geography

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    Pedagogy is very important in the teaching and learning of science. They serve as paths leading to the understanding of concepts taught to students and so form an integral part of classroom experiences. Various methods are open to teachers to use to teach, right from kindergarten to tertiary levels to enhance students’ understanding of scientific concepts. Coll, France, and Taylor, (2005) pointed out that the use of analogies and mental models can enhance students understanding of complex and abstract

  • Functionalist View On Family

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    Marriage and Family Functionalist perspective Family is a type of social institution concerned with the support, care, protection, and socialization of the children. The functionalist perspective on family focuses on the functions of the family, the functions being the socialization of children, providing love and companionship, regulation of sexual behaviour, and the occupation of various economic roles. Functionalists also look at how a family relates to the rest of society and how it helps maintain

  • Nursing And Philosophy: The Four Paradigms Of Nursing

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    There is no use denying the fact that under modern conditions the issue of nursing obtains especial significance. One could hardly imagine medical sphere deprived of qualified help and services which nurses provide for patients and doctors. Being a very ancient science, nursing has constantly being developing obtaining new features and becoming more and more efficient (Austgard, 2006). Nowadays, there is a significant scientific base which main aim is to support the main concepts of nursing and make

  • Satan As A Hero In John Milton's Paradise Lost

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    Satan as a Hero Satan is often depicted as the ultimate antagonist, the undisputed enemy of mankind, however John Milton tells a different story in Paradise Lost where Satan is not exactly the hero but not the villain either. While the story is ostensibly about the original sin and the fall of man, Milton focuses mostly on Satan and his role in the story, making him the protagonist. Reversing the traditional perspective of good and evil, Milton’s Satan possesses many of the characteristics of a

  • Figurative Language In Night By Elie Wiesel

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    Night contains a significant amount of figurative language. Select 3 examples from the text to analyze. In analyzing each example, be sure to explain how the specific example impacts the text. (How does it affect the reader? How does it affect the reading experience? Why did Wiesel make that specific choice?) Please use a different type of figurative language for each example. Night contains what seems like a multitude of examples of figurative language, but for this question I had to narrow

  • Aurobindo Poetry Analysis

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    A poem is a highly organised use of language. It is a complex of many patterns that interact in an endless process of imaginative possibility. There is always a speaker and an audience and they are connected intricately. If the speaker takes the form of the audience it becomes highly meditative. The connection between the speaker and the reader is Whitman tries to revolutionise “For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you... Stop this day and night with me and you shall possess the origin

  • Nature Of Nursing Theory

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    Nursing Theory According to Chinn & Kramer (2011), theory is defined as “creative and rigorous structure of ideas that project a tentative, purposeful and systemic view of phenomena” (as cited in McEwen & Wills, 2014, pg. 25). In addition, a theory is a set of assumptions, principles, or propositions that explain or guide actions. Before nursing theory, the nursing practice was not guided by any research or rational but mostly by traditional or ritualistic tasks. Therefore, the nursing theory emerged

  • Individuation In The Nigredo

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    INDIVIDUATION PROCESS IN THE DIVINE COMEDY – A JUNGIAN PERSPECTIVE When I had journeyed half of our life’s way, I found myself within a shadowed forest, for I had lost the path that does not stray. Here, our poet situates himself in relation to a symbolic landscape, the “shadowed forest,” which represents a crisis in the midst of his mortal life. According to Jung, our lives separates into two parts. In the first half of our lives, we separate from humanity. In the second half of our lives, humans

  • Abstract Expressionism: Helen Frankenthaler's Mountains And Sea

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    Helen Frankenthaler’s Mountains and Sea is often treated like a bridge, the half-way point between Abstract Expressionism and Color Field Abstraction. But there is so much more than meets the eye. Frankenthaler pioneered the soak stain technique. But this accomplishment, and her very artistry, is often qualified with statements about her gender. Abstract Expressionism was undoubtedly a male-dominant artistic movement. The immediate cause is to now theorize how performance in Abstract Expressionism

  • Anime And Manga Analysis

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    Anime and Manga are extremely unique forms of artistic expression which arose from years of cultural collaboration and blending between eastern and western cultures. Their creation is unique because never before in history has it been so easy to share ideas between cultures across the Pacific Ocean. Technological and communication advancements in the past 65 years have allowed for Anime and Manga to flourish as dynamic art forms unlike any other. Anime and Manga’s main theme is challenging current

  • What Are The Level Of Abstraction And Scope Of Nursing Theories

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    concepts or ideas in gathering information, explaining relationships and demonstrating experiences of development. Theories vary in their level of abstraction and scope. Nursing theories are beneficial in helping us to understand, organize our thoughts and influence practice and research. Nursing theory has three distinct types to describe the level of abstraction: Grand, Middle-Range, and Situation-Specific (Meleis, 2012, pg. 33). For example, Grand theory is relatively abstract and broad in scope. It