Summary Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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The article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” written by Nicholas Carr, arguing that Google’s easy search and result technique is causing its users to lose their ability to stay focused while reading and overall change their brains negatively. Nicholas Carr is a blog and essay writer who enjoys writing about technology and its effect on society. The publisher of this article is “The Atlantic” magazine, who are part of the market that competes with google, the source in question. Nicholas Carr when writing “Is Google Making Us Stupid” used experiences of other bloggers and semi-related historical events to argue that methods of documenting information actually have a negative effect on how we absorb and produce information. Carr begins with explaining his experience and the belief that the internet caused …show more content…

Some of the effects that Carr claims the internet cause do not entirely sound negative. For example, he states that “Taylor’s ethic is beginning to govern the realm of the mid as well.” Carr is saying that the use of the internet is causing its users brain to follow the ideas of Frederick Winslow Taylor, the idea of “seeking maximum speed, maximum efficiency, and maximum output”. He is attempting to argue that our constant search for instant answers was created by our experience with search engine like good and that it prevents its users from trying to think for themselves. Carr’s argument is a very debatable one, one could question why we should be putting effort into already acquired knowledge when we can devote it towards undiscovered knowledge. The whole idea of evolution is to build upon what our ancestors discovered not to replicate it. Some of Carr’s evidence used to prove his point could also be used to promote the use of the internet depending on your opinion of if the effects are positive or not, which in turn, fails to solidify his

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