Summary Of Kinnaman's Unbiased Assessment Of Christianity

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I agree with Kinnaman’s unbiased assessment of Christianity and I find his research extremely helpful, because it provides us with a clear idea and an approximation of the precise degree of disdain and distrust others have towards the Christian faith. Furthermore, his research permits us to stand apart and examine ourselves as Christians. Kinnaman’s research results uncovered the most common points of skepticism and objections raised by outsiders towards the church and Christianity (Kinnaman, 2007). According to Kinnaman, the six issues or themes outsiders have against believers are the following:

1) Hypocritical
2) Too focused on getting converts
3) Antihomosexual
4) Sheletered
5) Too political
6) Judgemental (Kinnaman & Lyons, 2007, pp. 29-30).

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29). Out of the six themes, personally, I think some are misconceptions nonbelievers about Christians. For instance, yes, I am Christian but by no means do I live a boring life. First and foremost, define boring? It boils down to one’s own interpretation. Thank God, I was never a drinker or a smoker and I have never done any drugs - ever (and yes that includes marijuana). And this is before I became a Christian. I was just never attracted to the party lifestyle. I candidly believe that hypocrisy in the church is perhaps the biggest issue out of the six themes. I have had the opportunity to meet some remarkable full-time Christians (true followers of Christ) and unfortunately I have also met some part-time Christians (sanctimonious hypocrites) whose lifestyles and behavior do not reflect the type of people they portray to be. As noted by Kinnaman (2007), “people’s impressions have

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