Summary Of Leading Lady By Melissa Mccarthy

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Starting out, Melissa McCarthy was born in Plainfield Illinois on August 26, 1970 and who is now 44 years old, living in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters. Howbeit, when she was younger she had a very low self esteem, she always wanted to be different person as stated in the article “ Leading Lady: Melissa McCarthy by J.P. Anderson”. Melissa M. lived on a very large farm which she said had over twenty cats, these cats being strays her mom picked up on the streets or in shelters to cats she got brand new as kittens whenever she could find a new one that needed a home or saving. These cats roamed all around her yard everywhere she walked. Apparently, was always embarrassed when people, such as friends and family would ever drive …show more content…

Then moved again,she thought she needed to expand her dream of becoming famous. She left to a place where her dreams can come true, Los Angeles, California to start up her career and to earn the fame as she's always wanted. In Los Angeles, Melissa got into the legendary standup comedy theatre in LA called The Groundlings. As stated in the article, "Once Melissa got to the Copper colored doorknob of the Groundlings she knew she would make memories as she was about to walk into the building, as well as a new life just for her". The Groundlings is also where she met her husband Ben Falcone, who also once a part of the groundling which is where they first meet. Whom, she now has two beautiful daughters with. Ben Falcone is 41 years old who Melissa has her two young daughters, Vivian and Georgette at ages 7 and 4. From the Groundlings she was cast on the hit TV show called Gilmore Girls, where she played the character Sookie St. James. Roleplaying as Sookie St. James casted her great success to the acting world better than the comedy world could’ve done for her . While achievement in acting gained her a place in acting and many people such as movie and Tv show directors as well as producers wanted her to either write movies/ TV shows or be in movies or TV

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