Summary Of Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights activist from Georgia. After being arrested in Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. King wrote a letter that would eventually become one of the most important documents of the Civil Rights Movement. The Letter from Birmingham Jail, was “ostensibly addressed,” to the clergymen of Alabama (Westbrook, par. 7). It was really written for white moderates and President John F. Kennedy. Dr. King`s letter defends the nonviolent resistance by African Americans and criticized the clergymen`s Call for Unity. This letter also talks about how Americans need to come together and fight for equality. In today`s world, religious violence tends to divide the world. People around the world blame certain religions for the terrible atrocities that have been taking place in the world. However, in Dr. King`s Letter from Birmingham Jail, he writes about how religion should be used as a tool to …show more content…

After the terrorist attack in Paris last year, Safi wrote the article Where Does It Hurt, O City of Light. This article was written to the world. Safi writes about how terrorism is a horrible act, committed by evil people. Unfortunately, many of these terrorists claim to be Muslim. Thus many Muslims are being blamed and isolated in the world due to fear. Safi also made it known that terrorism is happening everywhere. However, the world only seems to care when it takes place in a major city, or cities in the West. In order to beat this problem, the world must open their hearts and “let the light permeate us,” (Safi, par. 36). Sadly, in today`s world, any religious violence that occurs is immediately associated with Islam. Many people in the world isolate Muslims because of the fear that all Muslims are bad. However, this article tells the world that Muslims are suffering and grieving for the world too. The terrorist committing these acts “cannot be justified on the basis of the 1400 years of Islamic tradition,” (Safi, par.

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