Summary Of Letter From Birmingham Jail

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In Martin Luther King Jr.’s, Letter from a Birmingham Jail, his thesis or his main claim is racial segregation, how he is an outsider, and the injustice that African Americans had to endure due to politics, and religion. He not only speaks of the injustice that he see for himself, but the injustice and segregation that goes on all around the United States. He speaks about how a nonviolent campaign is set up or how it happens. He speaks about how they kept pushing back the nonviolent march and reasons why they would have to push back. Also how there really is never a “right” time to do a campaign or a march. In the letter Martin tells us how unjust the law really is, he speaks about how once he got arrested because he didn’t have a permit to parade, and how they used that excuse to segregate them and to deny them them of a peaceful protest. One way he gets his point across is kind of compared himself to a religious person. Like, how Apostle Paul left his village to spread the word of Jesus Christ and how he compares himself to Paul because he is leaving his home to go around the United States advocating for justice and peace for African Americans. MLK Jr. tells us about how he hoped that in Birmingham he would see the white religious community get and understand …show more content…

For example, when he says “when you suddenly find your tongue twisted and your speech…..” he used appeal to emotion with this one. Because parents of any race can identify with him when you have to tell your child that you can’t do or be a certain thing because it is “within the social rules”. This is how he gets people to feel something whether it be anger, sadness, excitement, etc. Which is what he is known for. He also used complex questions, “we repeatedly asked ourselves:’Are you able to endure the ordeal of jail?’ ” it is sort of a complex question because you are asking each other whether or not you are okay with going to

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