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On June 13, 1994, the bodies of OJ Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and friend, Ronald Goldman, were found mercilessly murdered in Brentwood, California. By October of 1995, an entire trial had taken place and OJ Simpson, the prime suspect, was absolved of all charges (Nicole Brown Simpson, 2016). Fast-forward 21 years later, The People V. OJ Simpson is debuting February 2, 2016. This is a show that looked to give a detailed retelling of the notorious OJ Simpson case. In Ryan Murphy's depiction of the “trial of the century”, the audience is able to view the racially tense case, from a new angle, a female perspective. The article, Marcia Clark Is Redeemed, details Marcia Clark, the leading prosecutor’s, thoughts and interpretations of the …show more content…

As mentioned before, this article rakes through the demeaning experiences of leading prosecutor, Marcia Clark, as she relentlessly tried to present the evidence of the OJ Simpson case. Clark even recalled how her worse critic was not the ruthless media, or judgemental jury, but the supposedly impartial Judge, Mr. Lance Ito. The article also discusses Clark’s likability and its non-existence amongst the jury, or the outside spectators. As a result of her being so disliked, her lack of warmth was used as an excuse to justify the unfair treatment and little empathy she received during the trial. Nude and topless photos of her were leaked to the press, she was called a bad mother for not being able to effortlessly balance her young twins and effectively prosecute the “trial of the century”, and she was criticized for not operating within the lines of femininity at all times. The colors she chose to wear were dark, not pastels, her voice was not soothing enough, and she was a leader in a male dominated profession and courtroom. It is a wonder how anyone could survive such treatment from so many different sources, but Flicker (2013) asserted that, “Women in professional positions are often judged not only by their professional achievements but also on the basis of their physical attributes, as well as their … voice ... and wardrobe”. After reading the article, …show more content…

So in Clark’s case, where other men were also wearing dark clothes, and speaking with confidence, Clark was seen as unlikeable because she was a woman. It was not her gender that determined how she projected her voice, it is because of her job as a prosecutor. Unfortunately, with an authoritative position, like a lead prosecutor, which is gendered and routinely associated with men, the public’s perception of Clark was negatively skewed. This kind of gendered treatment of Clark brings out the invisible privilege that all the men, regardless of their race, had in that

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