Summary Of Peyton Farquhar In The Owl Creek Bridge

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Imagine being trapped and you want freedom more than anything in that moment, so you imagine a your freedom. You turn all the sounds, and pain into symbols of freedom. Peyton Farquhar is known as a well-to-do planter. One day as he is sitting out on his porch a so to be soldier came across Farquhar’s home, asking for a glass of water. The "soldier" explained that the Yanks were repairing the railroads. He tells Farquhar that they have reached The Owl Creek Bridge. The "soldier" also explains that if anyone is caught interfering with the railroads or any of the construction, they will be hanged. Farquhar jokingly asked the soldier how would it be possible to destroy the bridge. The "soldier" tells him it would be easy to burn down the bridge. As part one comes to an ending the author reveals that the "soldier" was actually a federal scout, in other words a Yankee spy. …show more content…

The author does not say why. It is inferred that it has something to do with Farquhar interfering with the construction. As he is being hanged Farquhar thinks about being free and going home to his loved ones. He desires freedom so much he starts to imagine his escape. He imagines the rope breaking and falling to the creek. The author used his want of freedom as a symbol of his gruesome death. As Farquhar is actually being hanged, he imagines falling to his freedom. The author says, “ The intellectual part of his nature was already effaced line had power onto to and the feeling was torment”. He feels pain of the rope around his neck and the burn of his lungs from not being able to breath. As Farquhar hits the water he starts to sink, but soonly rises up. The author says that Farquhar, “knew it was reluctance, for he now was very comfortable”. Although Farquhar feels a little more free, he knows the soldier will begin to

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