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Shattered is a book written by Debra Puglisi Sharp that tells her scaring story. She was kidnaped, raped and her husband was murdered during the crime. The book focuses on how these events affect her life and that of those close to her, including dragging her family through the trial process. In April 1998, Debra is raped and kidnapped from her home by a stranger. She was then taken to the kidnapper’s home where she was assaulted multiple times and dehumanized, but fortunately, she escaped after five continuous days. Debra did not know that her husband died during her kidnapping. She also discovered that the authorities suspect her of her husband’s murder. After the escape, she experienced different grieving emotions. Even after the capture…show more content…
Because the feel that is what he deserves and it is the only form of punishment that could bring closure to the Debra. Though they finally get their wish, Debra does not get the closure that she hoped for. In fact, the third segment of the book tells of life after the conviction of the perpetrator can be categorized as the hardest part because she does not get the satisfaction that she hopes for. On top of this, she feels like she is responsible for the crime that befalls the kidnapper, even though he is responsible for her husband’s death. While the extension of the crime described above in the form ofPTSD is because of the ordeal that she undergoes, the expansion of psychological trouble after conviction of the perpetrator is due to the victim’s ignorance. This can be labeled as avictim’s greatest contribution towards the challenges that they experience after a traumaticevent. Controlling expectations and looking to overcome the psychological hurt is the best thing to do, rather than expect that they will receive closure from making sure that the perpetrator undergoes the same ordeal as they…show more content…
For most people, only the person involved in the encounter are labeled as victims. The pain comes in from the view of one who feels the full effects of the ordeal. However, there is more to the scope of victims than the person directly involved in the crime. Debra narrates how much her family participates in events following up her kidnap and her husband’s murder. Family members would like to see the perpetrator get the death penalty. This is not because they would like to support a family member, but because they feel an extent of pain from Debra's

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