Summary Of The Case Of Tammy Lou Fontenot V. Taser International

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The case of Tammy Lou Fontenot v. Taser International, Inc. was about a wrongful death case named Darryl Tuner, a 17-year-old male employed by a grocery store. Darryl was fired for “insubordination” and refused to leave the grocery store. Police were called, and eventually used a Taser in order to take him into custody. Turner died as a result of the Taser being delivered to Turner’s body. Tammy Lou Fontenot filed suit against the City of Charlotte and Taser International seeking money damages for the alleged wrongful death of Darryl Turner. Tammy Fontenot is the person charged with administrating Turner’s estate and filed suit and became the plaintiff. The City of Charlotte settled with Tammy Fontenot for $625,00. But the claim against

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