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The Civil War was one of the bloodiest wars the United Stated has ever fought. Neighbors, friends, and even brothers were pitted against each other to side with either the Union or the Confederate Army. Although there are personal accounts from the Civil War still circulating around, providing a first-hand look into the war, the cause of the war is still argued upon today. During the civil war almost 750,000 men died fighting pg.446. That number is huge, mind blowing in fact. There could not have been one cause for 750,000 neighbors, friends, and brothers to die. Slavery, President Lincoln, or even Bleeding Kansas could not have been the single cause of the war. The Civil War was caused by multiple issues thrown into a pot until it boiled and exploded causing the downfall of the United States as it was known. …show more content…

He states that the war had, “… less to do with the explosiveness of the slavery issue per se than with a whole range of political developments…” Holt’s basic claim in his essay is that the North and the South had primary differences in the way economics and political life were handled. Much like he describes in his essay the South lost their faith in politics and started to succeed from the Union. As Holt has argued in his essay the Civil War didn’t have just one cause. It was a buildup of a multitude of problems causing havoc to break loose throughout the country. Although slavery is the most popular cause of the Civil War there are multiple issues that truly caused the Civil War. For the first time in American history there was a collapse two party system which had the country divided before the war truly broke out; which causes the turmoil after the election of 1860. The political problems that left the country divided had a direct link to the North and South’s different economic

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