A Case Summary Of Howes V. Fields

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The case Howes v. Fields was involved with the Miranda rights. The case is about an inmate´s confession about a sex crime without having the police officers questioning him telling him his Miranda rights. Mr. Fields had been brought to the jail of Michigan because of disorderly conduct. While being in jail Mr. Fields had been questioned by the police for several hours about the disorderly conduct. He was not told his Miranda rights, but he was told he was free to go back to his cell whenever he wanted too. The question in this case was whether they should suppress his confession because of the non telling of his Miranda rights, and another question brought up in this case is whether the inmate was considered in custody or not. (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/22/us/supreme-court-rules-on-case-involving-miranda-rights.html?_r=1)

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