Supernatural Events In Macbeth

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Macbeth is a play written by Shakespeare, it was believed to have been written in 1606. Set mainly in Scotland, the play shows the events of a man who is willing to do what ever it takes to gain ultimate power. The majority of scenes in Macbeth exhibit a wide range of supernatural events. At this time, Scotland did not except the use of supernatural powers, because it represented the ‘unknown’. The main supernatural event that motivated Macbeth’s actions was the Witches prophecy, they told Macbeth all his worst fears. There are also other supernatural occurrences that happen such as Macbeth seeing the air born dagger before he murders his ‘innocent’ victims, and the appearance of Banquo’s ghost. In the proceeding essay it will show how these …show more content…

Let me clutch thee…” once Macbeth held the dagger he was over come by a supernatural ‘mind set’ which led to his terrifying murders.

Banquo was Macbeths most trusted friend and now that he is gone, he is now back to haunt Macbeth; Banquo’s great appearance was when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth held a feast, the ghost of Banquo filled the seat that was reserved for Macbeth, “…Here is a placed reserved…” “…The table is full…” Macbeth was obviously the only person to see Banquo as he was the one caring the guilt and pain of his friends murder, “…Never shake thy gory locks at me…” while Macbeth could see Banquo his head was shaking in disappointment, which made Macbeth ‘defend’ himself, “…You can’t say I did it…”

Macbeth was a man who would do anything for power; he was faced with many difficult tasks in his life that was largely influenced by supernatural forces, such as the witches, the air born dagger and the sighting of his late friend Banquo, all of Macbeths action were extremely influenced by the

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