Survivor's Guilt In The Seventh Man

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Survivor guilt...mental condition that occurs when a person believes they have done something wrong. I feel like survivor’s of life and death situations should not feel guilty. Survivor’s of life and death situations should not feel guilt because they didn’t do anything. But, we should not forget that some people believe survivor’s should feel guilt. My opinion on it is survivor’s should not feel guilty in a situation. One reason that survivors should not feel survivor's guilt, is because they did not do anything. In the book “The Seventh Man” by Haruki Murakami it shows what survivor's guilt is. In the the text it claims “we often take responsibility in a way that goes beyond what we can responsibly be held responsible for,” (140-141). This shows that you cared, it shows what happened matters to you. That proves that you shouldn’t feel guilty since you didn't do it and should not feel responsible for the action Another reason survivors of life and death …show more content…

They believe they should because it’s a “natural part of the process of healing from grief.” They are mistaken because it will keep you from moving on with your life after a tragedy. In the book “The Seventh Man”, he had the same nightmare for 40 years and had some sort of anxiety from that day he lost his friend K. This shows the mental damage it does to you, for example the seventh man fell in love with several women but never got married. This proves that survivors of life and death situations should not feel survivor’s guilt That is why survivors of life and death situations should not feel survivor's guilt. Even if you're in a mental condition you shouldn’t be having survivor’s guilt because it will damage you in a way. Also survivor guilt isn’t a joke, including that it can stop you from doing something meaningful in your life. But should survivor’s of life and death situations feel survivor's

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