Symbol Of Blood In Macbeth Essay

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In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth the symbol of blood is often represented. The symbol of blood changes throughout the play. The imagery of blood is used in two different ways, good and evil. There are several examples of this throughout the play. The symbol of blood is very important in Macbeth. It symbolizes fear, guilt, insanity and also evil. Macbeth would do almost anything to become King. Since the three witches predicted that what was going to be a part of his future. Macbeth and lady Macbeth both became crazy because of the deadly deeds that they committed. In the beginning of the play blood is shown as honor and bravery and towards the end of the play its shown as guilt and remorse. Lady Macbeth starts this off when she asks the spirits to .”Make thick my blood”.Stop up the access and passage to remorse..” (1,5,33-34).What she means by this is that she wants to poison her own soul to be insensitive and not feel remorse. She doesn't not want to feel remorse because of the deed that she's about to make. Macbeth had guilt, not like lady Macbeth. Macbeth indicates his guilt when he say’s "Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand?”(2,2,61-62). He’s meaning if he would ever be able to forget about the deed that he has committed of killing the kind of Scotland Duncan. He also is saying that even the entire ocean could wash his hands clean of the blood. Macbeth feels that what he has done was wrong and shameful. …show more content…

Lady Macbeth’s experiences with blood and violence have been from the perspective of a woman. The audience first see Lady Macbeth like this in act two when she faints at the new about the death of Duncan. Since Macbeth is a soldier and has faces blood and had been around it lots of time it doesn't really affect

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