Symbolism In Ethan Frome By Edith Wharton

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Wharton uses a lot of symbolism in the story “Ethan Frome”. Such as the red ribbon and red scarf. The color red represents vitality, good health, and ruddiness, all of which Mattie has a great quantity of. Zeena, on the other hand, lacks all of these qualities, considering her “condition”. This makes Mattie very attractive to Ethan, like a breath of fresh air, like a new beginning. The cat represents an uncontrollable force, and it represents Zeena’s presence in the house. The cat also represents the descent of Ethan and Zeena’s marriage whenever it breaks the red pickle dish. The last sleigh ride at the end of the movie symbolizes the surrender of control. Ethan forfeits all control over the sleigh at the end. That is how Ethan has spent his

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