Symbolism In The Scarlett Letter

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All throughout the book “The Scarlet Letter”, symbolism is used. The Most important symbol is in the title The scarlet letter which can symbolize many different things, at many times throughout the novel, it symbolizes adultery, sin, hard work, skill, charity, righteousness, sacredness, and, of even, grace. Symbolism is used through the scarlet letter, to the colors red and black, to pearl, the prison door, the red mark on Dimmesdale’s, ect. Symbolism is a big factor when it comes to talking about “The Scarlet Letter”. The book is about a girl in jail named Hester Prynne, she's an adulterous who is about to be let out of prison so that she can it can be pardoned through town wearing the scarlet letter “A”, she is being forced to wear the letter as proof that she has committed the crime of adultery. People find out that she's an adulterous because she has a baby, daughter named Pearl and her husband has been away for years. So it doesn’t add up. There are so many secrets in the novel “The Scarlet Letter”, and Hester is keeping one by showing loyalty to the baby father of refusing to giving up his name. Symbolism is presented throughout all of these secrets, conflicts and Irony in the novel. In the novel the Scarlet letter is a big symbolization. The Puritans want the scarlet letter to be a symbol of Hester’s crime, but the author also describes …show more content…

Every single symbol in the novel have meaning, and gives the reader extra information to interpret the book. The book “The scarlet Letter” has unique conflicts along with dramatic irony, and diverse symbols, but without the symbols the book wouldn't have the engaging story behind everything. Hester the novels main character shows a way to wear the scarlet letter “A” off the way she wants it to be worn. And though the book does end in a fairly happy ending, with all of the evil and sin in the novel there are some blissful

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