Symbolism In The Swimmer By John Cheever

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John Cheever’s use of the journey motif conveys meaning in “The Swimmer.” Neddy Merrill thinks of himself as an “explorer” who is traveling through unknown territory. He drinks very often and tries to forget the reality of his loneliness. At first, Neddy’s only focus is swimming “the Lucinda River,” but he faces temptation at the Bunkers’ party where everyone is drinking. Neddy gets out of the pool, interacts with the party, and has a “gin and tonic.” Everyone at the party is happy, but in the distance Neddy can hear thunder, which symbolizes the trials he will face on his journey. He faces many trials on his journey with the first one being the dried out pool of the Welchers. He is “disappointed and mystified” at the dried out pool, but is
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