Symbols And Motifs In Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window

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The Character Evolution Of Jeff and the Realizations he Faces
Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock is a film full of symbolism and motifs that provides viewers with a bigger meaning. It shows these rhetorical appeals through Hitchcock’s eyes that would not be recognized if not analyzed. Through these appeals I have recognized the window as being a symbol and marriage and binoculars as motifs. After understanding much more than what the eye initially sees when viewing this film, there is a fine line between understanding what is going on in the film and observing what the protagonist Jeff is viewing. The film first starts out with the protagonist’s view of what is going on around him through the use of binoculars. Jeff is a photographer, so his natural instinct is to view others through a lenses. These binoculars act as his sight as Jeff is confined to a wheelchair due to breaking his leg from an accident. As he is …show more content…

The lack of communication has lead everyone in the community to struggle with relationships. Jeff himself is in a committed relationship with a woman named Lisa. The dilemma he faces is the idea or marriage. When he looks through the window at the unhappy couple my interpretation is that he feels as if it could be a strong representation of what Lisa and him could be in the future. Early on in the film Stella, Jeff’s nurse explains that “People nowadays look too deeply into relationships.” This concept that Stella explains relates to many of the neighbors as well. You have Mrs. Lonelyhart who instead of struggling with a current relationship, couldn’t find one to begin with. And because she kept over thinking the fact that she was lonely it drove her to almost commit suicide. You then have Jeff that fails to realize what a wonderful woman Lisa is. This is shown through Jeff’s conversation with his

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