Synthesis Essay On Identity

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What is Identity? Identity is like a fingerprint; it clearly determines who people are. Identity is something that people are not born with, it is an act people do that classifies their identity. People need to act upon their own choices to determine their own identity rather than being influenced by the choices of others. So, people must follow their own path in order to keep their own unique identity. The sources used include “Soy Yo” by Bomba Estereo, a music video. “Self-Concept” by Saul Mcleod, where Mcleod talks about how people see themselves. “Carapace” by Romesh Gunesekera, which talks about a man staying at the beach hut because his passion in cooking. Finally, “Identity” by Kayla Si, Reno, where the article talks about a self experience …show more content…

In Mcleod’s article, it said that people “‘think about, evaluate, or perceive’ themselves” (Mcleod 1). Mcleod talks, in the article, about how people thinking, evaluating, and perceiving about themselves is call self-concept. Whenever people think about themselves, most of the time, people are confused about whether or not they are pursuing right actions for their future, especially people with low self-esteem . Furthermore, people get more confused if their actions dramatically differ from others. However, again, people’s actions determine who they are, so even if their actions are dramatically different from others, it may be a path for that person’s success. Following others do not mean people will be as successful as them. Secondly, people shouldn’t care about what other people in the environment say. In the music video, “Soy Yo,” the girl speaks out, “I keep on walking, keep on laughing, I do whatever I want and die trying. Nobody cares what I am doing, the only thing that matters is what’s on the inside” (Bomba Estereo). The girl in the music video shows an abundance of confidence in herself. She’s walking with pride, without caring about the attention she gets. People should be proud of the pathway they are walking, not

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