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In the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor The Fisher Family, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, Erik, and Paul, move to Florida from Texas. There is a big change for their family because there are many and frequent muck fires because they burn down the tangerine trees because they pick the tangerines and burn the wood. Paul Fisher has such bad eyesight so he has to wear really thick glasses. When the Fisher family lived in Houston, Texas they discovered many things about Paul’s life including his eyesight and the eclipse. Paul’s and his brother, Erik, both were watching an eclipse the summer, 3 weeks before school started, “The reason for the Coke-bottle glasses on my eyes was that I had stared at the sun, unprotected, during the eclipse. The story puzzled …show more content…

He was a goalie on the soccer team in Texas, but when he moved to Tangerine he was on the team, then he was kicked off because of having an I.E.P for his eyesight. His mom told the school about Paul’s eyesight and how he needed an I.E.P. So Paul tried out for the Middle School Lake Windsor soccer team. He made the team, but since he had an I.E.P he wasn’t allowed to play on the team. Paul is treated poorly because of his eyesight, but he notices and “sees” more than others. For example, on page 242 “Think about it. How could some local person. Some koi thief from Tangerine…” Paul can “see” what is going on and he is treated badly because everybody thinks he has bad eyes. He can see that the koi fish in the pond in front of the development are disappearing. Mr. Costello thinks people are stealing the fish or the pond is freezing. Turns out, the birds were flying around and eating the fish. The Truth is Paul can see just fine. He can notice more than others and his mom makes a big deal about his eyes because she thinks they are worse than they really are. So, in the beginning of the year Mrs. Fisher signs up for an I.E.P. (Individualized educational program). Paul having an I.E.P results in a bad way because he can not play soccer and he has to go to the nurse. He feels singled out and he was upset when he got kicked off in the beginning of the soccer season because insurance said the coach had

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