Taxation Without Rebecca Mouste Essay

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To start off; Rebecca Motte’s maiden name was Brewton, and her husband’s last name was Motte, but her middle name was unknown. Rebecca Motte was born in Charleston South Carolina, and had lived there until she died. She and her husband started their family, and “ended” it there too. Rebecca and her husband Jacob Motte lived in a nice big home in South Carolina close to the South Santee River; just outside of Charleston. They were slave owners who had a plantation called the Fairfield Plantation which was also in Charleston. To illustrate the War; Taxation without Representation was a huge cause for the wars they had bag in the 1700s. The colonists decided they would try to make England suffer by dumping the tea into the Boston Harbor. This was called the Boston Tea Party; the colonists were very upset about the Taxation without Representation, which meant they had no say where their money went. After this the king of England was very upset, and there were consequences for what the colonists did. The King called this the Intolerable Act; he closed the Boston Harbor letting no one tress. The colonists weren’t allowed to import or export anything from …show more content…

Rebecca Motte did a lot for the Revolutionary war such as; giving the soldiers food at the war, announced a very important message after the war, had seven/five children and her husband to take care of at home, and her slaves at the plantation. It was very kind of Rebecca Motte to give a ton of food to the soldiers of the war; even though she was very wealthy. Without Rebecca Motte giving the amount of food that she did the soldiers not only would have not had food, but they also would have not been able to fight without eating. Rebecca also had to deal with two deaths during the war; her husband and her brother. The things that Rebecca Motte did were very important, and some were a lot of work; she was a robot working

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