Technological Advancements In All Quiet On The Western Front

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As the novel progressed, technological advancements positively influenced the characters. At the beginning of the book, Franz Kemmerich died from an amputation of only his foot (p.32). At the time, morphine was used to treat the pain that Kemmerich was going through (p.17). Later on in the war, however, Albert Kropp survived a much heavier amputation when his leg was removed from the thigh down (p.260). Peter, a patient in the hospital when Paul Baümer and Kropp were there, came back from the Dying Room, which had never been done before (p.261-262). Technological advancements like these saved the characters’ lives and gave them hope for a future. As for the military, many different weapons emerged and regressed throughout the novel. …show more content…

For instance, Paul vividly described the first bombardment and the remains of soldiers when returning to the front so readers could understand the ramifications of the war (p.65-70, 207-208). Paul also used personification when describing chance and death (p.14,101). Throughout the novel, Paul told of personal anecdotes that related to what he was going through at the time, such as his experiences with Kantorek (p.10-11). Paul used metaphors and analogies to help the reader understand the effect of one’s actions, such as Kat’s thoughts being as sharp as a bayonet before the bombardment (p.54). Erich Maria Remarque’s title choice was perfect for this novel. Although it was not all quiet on the western front until the last page (p.296), the whole novel describes the path the war took to reach that point. Each event that occurred magnifies the struggle of valiant men in their attempt to achieve peace and brotherhood. The story line of the book began with tension, evolved to hatred and decimation, and resulted in peace and relief. When Paul Baümer lay dead, he appeared calm because peace had finally been achieved. Remarque’s title is also his purpose, to be All Quiet on the Western

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