Summary Of All Quiet Men Of The Western Front

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The reading part describes a horrible scene of the battle field. The writer explain in details the time he spent in the war in a way that helps the readers imagine themselves being with him. Remarque, in his novel “All Quiet Men of the Western Front”, showed the suffering of soldiers while they are on the battle field. He talked about the fear possessing the men of not being able to go back alive. Remarque also talks about human parts and dead corps pilling up in the graveyards in front of him. The great details Remarque included added the feel of watching it in the readers own eyes rather than just reading. “The first minutes with the mask decide between life and death: is it tightly woven? I remember the awful sights in the hospital: the gas patients who in day-long suffocation cough their burnt lungs up in clots” (All Quiet Men of the Western Front 153) this part of the reading gave the reader the ability to feel how soldiers’ lives were at a stack on the battle fields, a small mistake might lead to their end. The readers were able to feel the anxiety the writer felt about his gas mask being tightly wore. Also, the writer’s memories at the hospital of those suffering …show more content…

On the other hand, Wiesel, in “Night”. Described the life in the enemy camps during war. In “All Quiet Men of the Western Front”, the writer talked about the fear of death and how the lives of the men there were hanging by a third. Wiesel wrote more about watching death and seeing people getting executed in front of him and described their state after they died. Readers also can notice Wiesel writing about a man wondering where is God “For God’s sake, where is God?” (Night 47). And then the writer realizing the answer within himself “Where is he? This is where- hanging from this gallows” (Night 49) Wiesel wrote about the concept of God and how he was allowing for such cruel actions. However, Remarque did not mention God in his

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