All Quiet On The Western Front Chapter Summary

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1. What have you read this week? How has the plot progressed? Write a 6-8 sentence summary of the novel so far.

Robin and his crew continue to go town to town helping town memeber who have lost everything or children who have sustained injury. However while doing so they are ambushed by Iraq’s who won 't give up on the fight. Robin’s crew encountered couple close calls including an IED that killed Marines ahead of them and some Iraq’s that had RPGs in an ambulance, planning on shooting Robin’s convoy. Robin’s crew gets assigned a night mission to raid a supposive IED factory. They raid the place and find nothing until other people in Robin’s crew find IED materials in a bag of flour. This starts Robin to question him being a good enough soldier …show more content…

On page 154 Robin says, “I hadn’t thought about it much, but Jonesy was right. We needed one another to get out of this war alive. We needed one another and whole lot of luck.” Robin explains that to get through a time of stress and life changing images, they need one another to get through it or else they wouldn’t make it since war is just too much for one person to comprehend. Harris says that he doesn’t need them earlier in the scene, but Robin explains that nobody would make it by themselves. The author uses historical fiction to build up bonds between the characters to show how much they have to rely on each other during war. The author also uses historical fiction to present points of views of people in war about friends in the army and the importance of them during war.

3/4. Choose TWO of the following to answer. Delete the questions you do not choose to answer. You must provide text evidence.

c. Tough Questions 
Look for the moment when a character is confused or uncertain and either asks himself (or someone might ask him) a tough question that will shape his life or tells us that he is wondering about something important… How does this advance the plot? What does it reveal about the character? Provide example, quote, and page

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