Summary Of All Quiet On The Western Front

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All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarqueis a book about a German soldier Paul Bäumer and some of his friends from school who joined the army voluntarily after their teacher talked about joining the war. The group of nineteen year olds started the war with a great sense of nationalism and enthusiasm, but after experiencing ten weeks of hard training from Corporal Himmelstoss and the brutality of life on the front. Paul and his friends realize that the reasons of for which they enlisted are simply meaningless after some time on the front. Also, Paul and his friend realize that war is not as glorious or honorable as it is made out to be, and constantly lived in strain both mental and physical. The book was written in the mid to late 1920’s but, no exact dates are known about the writing of the book the only dates we know are the publication dates. With Erich Maria Remarque writing the book at this time did seemingly have an impact on how he wrote it because the world had an antiwar …show more content…

And in the book he explains that the reason to be that the leaders of both side are arguing to see who is right and then has people of their nations fight to see who is right. Also the book says that soldiers on both sides are told that they are fighting for the right side but if both sides think they are right is anyone really in the right. I would highly recommend All Quiet on the Western Front to anyone because the book shows how rough war is on any one who is involved and how it impacts a nation. Also, the book shows that people change the circumstances that they are in and when you change you can’t go back you have to move on. With some of the soldiers just graduating or not even graduating high school they needed to be able to go back because they had nothing and needed their

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