All Quiet On The Western Front Brutality Quotes

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The book has been called "The greatest war book that has yet been written" by Rodakteur Stohr. All Quiet on the Western Front, written by Erich Maria Remarque, is about a young German soldier named Paul Baumer who is in World War 1. The book uses many motifs, which are repeating objects or ideas. The motif of brutality teaches the reader that war is full of horror by showing that people kill other people in a way they wouldn 't anywhere else. Two examples of this are when a man’s chin gets smashed away and when Kat smashes a man 's face with the butt of this rifle. To begin, one example of brutality showing the horror of war is when a man’s face is torn away. The text says, "After a while a fragment smashes away his chin...." A fragment

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