Tessie Hutchinson's Cruelty In The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

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In the story, "The Lottery," Tessie Hutchinson thinks that the lottery is unfair. The lottery took place on June 27 and was supposed to be every villager's main focus. However, Tessie Hutchinson not only forgot about the lottery, but was late to it, which was unusual. After the family heads draw a slip of paper and open them, Bill has "got it." Tessie immediately exclaims that "it wasn't fair!" She said this because she thought her husband, Bill, did not have enough time to pick a paper. After the Hutchinson family drew a paper, Tessie ended up drawing the one with a black dot on it, meaning that she was going to be stoned. When Mr. Summers gave commandment, all of the villagers ran towards Tessie with stones. Furthermore, after she said that
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