The American Dream In Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The American Dream is the belief that any person regardless of background is open to equal opportunities which allows to them to attain all aspirations and their definition of success. George and Lennie both want to own their own farm. The farm will be 10 acres with a windmill, a small shack and their own house. They will grow fruit trees, tend their vegetable patches and raise their own livestock. This will allow them to ‘live offa the fat of the lan’’ Lennie’s ultimate and persistent dream is that on the plot they can build a rabbit hutch where Lennie can tend to them. George dreams of a better life where he can be his own boss. He wants to be independent and not take orders from anyone else. Many migrant workers in the 1920s had a similar dream to George and Lennie. Many of these workers wanted to obtain these goals through hard work and sacrifice, instead of it being handed to them. The sad reality was that like George and Lennie, the majority do not ever live the dream. The title of the book comes from the poem ‘To a Mouse’ by Robert Burns. The best-laid schemes o ' mice an ' men/ Gang aft agley/ An ' lea 'e us nought but grief an ' pain. In this poem the author accidentally turns up a mouse’s burrow with a plough. This misfortune was beyond the mouse’s control. In Steinbeck’s novel, George and Lennie endure the Depression and the strenuous work while pursuing their dream of owning a small farm. The hope of these best-laid plans is shattered by events which are

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