The Cause Of Prohibition

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In the early 1800s Alcohol was a big part of the American Society.In 1920, prohibition was a nationwide ban on the manufacture, importation, transportation, exportation, distribution and the sale of all alcohol. Alcohol was blamed for many of society's issues, among were health problems, crime and corruption and social problems. Alcohol was blame for large amount of domestic violence.By the late 1800s, temperance movements were formed. With the Prohibition act many Americans-from farmers to distellers to bar owners became unemployed, but that didn't stop a few people from manufacturing and selling Alcohol illegally.
Temperance Movement
Throughout the 1800s the opposition of Alcohol was known as the Temperance Movement. …show more content…

The Eighteenth Amendment. The Eighteenth Amendment didn’t ban the consumption of alcohol just the production of it. In order to enforce the 18th Amendment, the Volstead Act was passed. The purpose of the Volstead Act...The Eighteenth Amendment was the only amendment that revoked a right while all others gave freedoms. The Eighteenth Amendment caused a rise in organized crime.
Carrie Amelia Nation was born on November 25, 1846 in Garrard County, Kentucky. Nation was a member of the Temperance Movement. She led many peaceful marches with very little effect. Carrie Nation gained attention when she started using violence to get her message through. At first, Nation would stand in front of bars and pray and sing hymns in hopes of getting the to shut down. When that didn’t get much effect, Nation resorted to throwing bricks at bars. Nation was arrested but that didn’t diminish her beliefs. As soon as she was released from jail she would go and destroy saloons once again, but this time with a hatchet. She is known for smashing alcohol-serving establishment with a …show more content…

Bootlegging was the manufacture, distribution and sell of illegal goods. In this case it was Alcohol. During the prohibition Era, the rise of Speakeasies increased. A Speakeasies also known as “blind pigs” and “gin joints,”was an illegal bar or nightclub that sold illegal liquor during the Prohibition Era. The liquor was supplied by gangsters such as Al Capone. They were known as Speakeasies because they had to “Speak Easy” and/or stay quiet on where the bar was located. Speakeasies were typically located in Cellars, Attics and Basements. To enter a Speakeasies one had to whisper a password or know a secret knock in order to not be overheard by the law enforcement. Once inside, many Speakeasies establishments required code words to order Alcohol. Cocktails were created in order to mask the Alcohol inside the

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