The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx

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Karl Marx was an ex-graduated student from Berlin, where he studied philosophy. He was born on the 5th of May in 1818 in Trier Western Germany. He had a friend called Friedrich Engels who helped write a book known as “The communist manifesto” which was published in 1848. Included in this book was the idea about ensuring that everyone was equal, as they picked up that over time everything had been based on class and that the proletarians (workers) shouldn’t be singled out at the bottom.
Karl Marx was against capitalism because if you look at previous events of UN-equality such as the industrial revolution which occurred in the 18th to the 19th centuries you can see how workers were exploited. The industrial revolution affected people in many …show more content…

Concepts such as Marxism and Socialism strive to aim for this method.
From these two terms, you can see that both of them are about peace and ensuring that everyone is equal because socialism is a stage to communism. The problem with communism is that business have a strict rules to ensure that the business cannot earn too much and people can feel undervalued because someone who works much less than them would receive the same pay packet which is unfair also it isn't that great due to the fact that many people do not have rights because each and every person isn't considered for their food intake and their freedom of speech is taken away.
In the future you can see that this concept would become an increasing unlikelihood due to the ever-developing businesses they would not want to share their millions to the rest of the country, especially global businesses which wouldn’t be able to do this very easily due to the fact that it is spread out across the globe meaning that disruptions can get difficult (chains can rely on each

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