The Crucible Character Analysis

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The Crucible Character Types
Antagonist: Abigail Williams stirs up the entire town of Salem against many people, including Elizabeth and John Proctor, because of her selfish ambition to be John’s next wife, as well as her treacherous lust for the power that she gains by accusing innocent people of witchcraft. She even threatens the girls that if they tell the truth (that shes lying ) then she’d – ‘..come to them in the black of some terrible night and shudder them’. She is threatening and clearly evil and the villain.
Judge Danforth is also an antagonist as he is corrupt and a villain. He is arrogant and has high authority. He fails to examine evidence critically or to act when he could to stop the hysteria. Even at the end, when it’s obvious that the society is disintegrating, he refuses to see the role that the witchcraft trials and hangings have played in it. He jails and sentences many to death for refusing to ‘admit’ that they were witches. He encourages Proctor to sign the testimony even though he knows it is a lie shows how truly bad he is as he says ‘Come then, sign your testimony’
Protagonist: John Proctor he’s a protagonist is related to Proctor 's choice to take a high moral ground at the end and die rather than lying to save himself—this shows a change of character in Proctor. Proctor is a tragic hero, and a decent man. He confesses to committing adultery and says ‘I lie and sign myself to lies!...I am not worth the dust on the feet of them what hang’.
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