The Crucible John Proctor Reputation Analysis

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Due to paranoia, the once quiet town of Salem, Massachusetts has erupted with accusations, rumors, revenge, and in the end, death. The one thing that makes or breaks these characters is reputation. The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, goes back to the year 1692 when witchcraft took over Salem. Neighbors are now seen as enemies and no one can be trusted. Over 15 people died in this true, American event because of false, witchcraft accusations. Abigail Williams,a young woman is spreading lies about local townspeople alongside her friends. John Proctor, a questionable farmer, and Abigail 's lover, is now in rough territory. The one piece of evidence protecting John and his wife Elizabeth from mockery is their maid, Mary Warren. Salem …show more content…

With accusations of witchery and his guilt of lechery, Mr. Proctor feels he has a duty to save his name for his children. He can 't stand the idea of his family suffering for the mistakes he has made now and in the past. John 's initial reaction to his wife being accused based off the lust Abigail has, he says, "My wife will never die for me! I will bring your guts into your mouth but that goodness will not die for me!" (Miller 80) John knows he 's done wrong and will do anything to save Elizabeth 's reputation. Now that Mary has accused him as well, he must either confess and live with the whole town thinking such, or he may deny it and be hanged. With the encouragement from Reverend Hale, John decides to confess, but finds out that his name must be publicly written for all to see. When Judge Danforth questions his hesitation on his name going public, John says, "Because it is my name! I cannot have another in my life! How may I live without my name! I have given you my soul; leave my name!" (Miller 143) Because John wants his name clean for his family and because he refuses to ruin his reputation with lies of witchery, John chooses the only thing he can do. John rips the signed confession and is sentenced to hang. John cared about his reputation so much that he was

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