The Crucible Pride Quotes

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The Crucible “We are only what we always were” -Arthur Miller. The Crucible is a story about a family that is in trouble with the court. Also two other people (Proctor and Abigail) are having an affair with each other, which they can be hanged for. Proctor’s actions of pride was not being a hero but instead of owning up to what he has done. Proctor’s actions were an act pride and not stubbornness. One reason that proctor did it was to make sure the trial did go much longer. If it wasn’t an act of pride could it be an act of stubbornness. Proctor’s actions were an act of pride because he knew what will happen if he kept lying and stalling the court. If Proctor and Abigail weren’t having an affair than none of this could have happen, well maybe

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