The Culture Of Fear By Barry Glassner: Chapter Analysis

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Blacked Out Most Americans are afraid of African Americans. Why, we ask? Most of us don’t know why we do, is it their physical appearance or is it the fact that they have a different skin tone? In Chapter 5: Black Men of The Culture of Fear by Barry Glassner, Glassner argues that the media exaggerates the excessive attention paid to African-Americans (Glassner 109). Throughout the chapter, Glassner exposes us to secrets and truths about how the media makes us fear African-Americans, they feed us irrelevant information that make it seem like blacks are still a lower class and therefore treating them like they are still slaves. The media influences our minds so much that we perceive black people like animals. In the world today we still face …show more content…

We still fear blacks like animals the same as we did back then and we will still continue to fear them unless we seek change. Now the year 2015 we still fear blacks and throughout time we have heard stories about how it’s still a fear. One story in 2015 for example, from The New York Times, is about racial discrimination “real estate agents promote segregation - and deny African Americans the opportunity to buy into high-value areas that would provide better educations for children and a greater return on their investment”. From the example provided we can see that there is definitely discrimination going on, realtors are segregating people based solely on the perception of the eye. They fear that if you let any African American family more are soon to follow and with that gang affiliation. Based on this we can conclude that the mere image of being black is shattered and anywhere you go you will be judged as lower class. The fear created by the media make it seem like if you were to rent your home to a black descent, they’ll destroy your home or yet create a hostile environment and make it uncomfortable to other people. Another fear that sticks around with Africans Americans is that they “promote the gang lifestyle or are anti law enforcement” (Glassner 122). Though the realtor shuns African Americans from renting the homes they would not even rent/sale the home to a black family, even if they were well qualified, with higher incomes, and was willing to pay a higher down payment. From the book The Black Image in the White Mind by Andrew Rojecki and Robert Entman, they present us with white beliefs stating “the media conveys “problematic” images of African Americans even after decades of heightened awareness and vigilance to rid the media of stereotypes”. Though they are both white, they

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