The Enlightenment In America

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The Enlightenment began with the English philosopher John Locke. It was an era of spreading faith in reason, in reason, and in universal rights and laws (The Enlightenment in Europe). The ideas that were embodied by Enlightenment were life, liberty, and property. It also led to the idea of natural right. The Enlightenment influenced the way people finally realized that divine right wasn’t right and start to doubt it. Throughout time Enlightenment has influenced many important events in history. The Enlightenment had a big influence on America. The American Enlightenment started in the eighteenth century. The Enlightenment that took place in America extended past democracy, modernity, and secularism into what was described as a cluster of …show more content…

Enlightenment allowed for the flourishing of cultural in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries of Europe. The Enlightenment era in Europe developed an expansion of literacy, the spread of critical thinking, and the decline of religious persecution. The contact between Europe and other cultures allowed Europe to gain different things such as cultivation techniques, Chinese porcelain, trapping methods, tobacco and chocolate. The change from networks of religious and monarchical supporters of arts and sciences to the extension of lower aristocracy, bureaucratic, and commercial elites was because of enlightenment. This was because patronage networks were expanding into allowing more people. Cafes, intellectual salons, public theaters, exchanges of correspondence, newspaper, and the publishing of books were all key elements that allowed for enlightenment to flourish all over Europe. The act of enlightenment would allow for people to finally be able to speak their minds without worrying about the religious and political authorities. The people would finally have the right to freedom of speech in Europe. The enlightenment wasn’t all good for Europe. It caused civil and religious wars, dynastic conflicts, and famine. These terrible events caused a domino effect that led to better things. First there was chaos in France which led to the execution of the English king and for the Dutch to break free from Spanish rule which led to the spread of protestant belief in Europe. People started to turn away from religious strife to create new ideas in understanding and improving the world that they lived in. The Enlightenment allowed for the ideas of science to be accepted into Europe. People started to stray away from the idea that everything happened because god made it that way. Math and science started to become a big part of Europe. Enlightenment encouraged people to pursue their science ideas. Europe adopted the idea of

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