The New World During The Age Of Enlightenment

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What is the Enlightment? The Enlightenment was a period of mental and sociable growth. It was the way people looked at the world that had changed. And during the Enlightenment people started to believe that all people were free. It was strange because people before had never thought that every person was equal. But, everyone was equal and free. Meaning they could do as they wished. Nothing that would be wrong, you could only do so much. So this allowed everyone to have the ability to search the world. The people of the Enlightment time were able to explore the “New world” as long as they were not hurting anything. The Enlightment was more like a mental movement that dominated the world of ideas. It was also known as the “Age Of Reason”. The Enlightment took place mainly in Europe. Later, it went to North America. It was in the seventeenth century and early eighteenth. It proceeded to be a lot. The Age of Enlightenment saw many great changes in Western Europe. During this time changes occurred which had never been attempted since the ancient times. …show more content…

But, the historians disagreed. Especially, when it all began. It is tied to the Scientific Revolution. Which was a concept used by historians to describe the emergence of modern science during the early modern period. It was used when mathematics was just coming around. It had changed the views of society about our nature. It as well took place in Europe in the sixteen hundreds. But, continued to the late eighteen hundreds. The beginning was focused on the recovery of the smart ancients. They planned for it to be short. It was never intended for it to last as long as it did. They saw what change could go on. People then examined the world more closely. They believed it would bring more human

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