The Federalist Papers: Still Important To American History

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The Federalist Papers were, and still are, very important to American History. These series of essays, mostly written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, were published to persuade Americans to ratify the new constitution. The new constitution would replace the Articles of Confederation, what the American’s had been living under at the time. The constitution highlighted an issue that the articles did not; empowering the central government like never before. Allowing the central government to act in the interest of the United States. The main point of The Federalist Papers and the Constitution was to unify America. The Federalist Papers outlined what American’s can expect from the new constitution. Between 1786 and 1787 they were used to educate American’s about the constitution and they are used for the same reason today. During this time America had just finished fighting for their independence in the Revolutionary War. After the war, they were disputing over state borders, dealing with numerous uprising and not being unified as a nation. Part of that was due to the Articles of Confederation, which gave each state the ability to govern themselves to a certain extent. America formed The Articles of Confederation believing that was the best choice for their new government. Unfortunately, the articles gave the central …show more content…

They were to contradict what the anti-federalists were writing about the newly proposed constitution. That is why they were so crucial during this point in time. If these men had not come together, there is a possibility that the constitution would not have been passed. The men decided to explain what each part of the constitution meant in great detail. They did this so every American knew what the constitution truly stood for. Those eighty five essays gained New York’s vote in the ratification

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