The Great Gatsby Chapter Summaries

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Summary To start the novel, the narrator, Nick Carraway, starts off by stating his background, in which he introduces his life in West Egg, New York, next to the mansion of Mr. Gatsby. Nick then heads to East Egg, a more wealthier part of town, to have dinner with Daisy his cousin, and Tom Buchanan, her husband. While all in the Buchanan's home, Tom receives a call and immediately answers, as Daisey angrily yells at him for doing so. Daisy’s friend, Jordan, reveals to Nick that the call was from Tom’s mistress in which he messes around with on the side. Getting away from all the chaos, Nick heads home back to West Egg only to see his neighbor, Mr. Gatsby, out on his lawn staring at a green light across the water, opening up his arms to it and then disappearing. …show more content…

Nick is headed with Tom to the city, in which Tom brought Nick along to meet his mistress Myrtle, who joins the two on their adventure. The three characters arrive to the city and head to Tom and Myrtle's apartment, that they frequently vacation at, to met up Myrtle's sister Catherine and Mr. McKee. The group of men and women party in the apartment until all of them are at a drunken state of mind, prone to miscommunication and memory-loss of recent conversations and activities while inside the apartment. While in this drunken state of mind, Tom firmly tells Myrtle to stop saying Daisy's name, in which she did not follow suit, and Tom open hand hits Myrtle in the face, breaking her

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