The Great Gatsby Dishonest Quotes

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“” She’s never loved you, she loves me.”” Gatsby said to Tom on page 137. This is the argument that was the main climax of the story. Gatsby is obsessed with Daisy and is very stupid. Being dishonest, stalking and wanting, as well as caring too much for Daisy makes him stupid. Gatsby being dishonest makes him stupid because dishonesty is not right. First he was dishonest about his original name. On page 104 it said that his original name was James Gatz. He should of told someone about it if he truly was comfortable with them. He was also partly dishonest about Oxford. He did say he went to Oxford but he didn’t tell them why or how. But he did come out and say why he went to Oxford on page 158. Everyone thought it was to go to school but in reality it was a mistake on the military part. It was stupid of him to not be one- hundred percent and say he went there but not to school. He also lied about where he was from. He said that he was from the West Coast- San Francisco area. On page 175 he said he was from Minnesota. Dishonesty is the stupidest truth out there. …show more content…

Gatsby literally threw parties to hopefully find Daisy. This is stupid because he never interacts with the guest and just walks through the parties/s just to see if he can find Daisy or to hopefully find her just like it says on page 119. On page 99 Gatsby had said he cut outs of Daisy and showed her them. This is makes him stupid because he is stalking Daisy, and stalking is very wrong. Gatsby is also pretty much stalking Daisy on page 154 when he was looking out for her to make sure that Tom didn’t hurt her. This is stupid because on the next page even Nick says that he was watching over nothing, nothing at all. Gatsby stalking and wanting Daisy who is a married woman is just stupid over

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