The Great Gatsby Immoral Money Quotes

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Immoral Money It is evident that the American Dream is just an unreachable ambition and that people are destined to languish in their journey for money, love, and happiness. Everyone soon learns that the American Dream is just pretending to be the American Nightmare. This is seen in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It follows wealthy Americans on their trek for the American Dream. We see the characters of this book go slowly wander from their path of finding wealth and love and enter a new journey of immoral actions. By examining Gatsby, Daisy, and Tom, one can see that the journey to obtain the American Dream results in fake materialistic behaviour, unhappiness, and death. By examining Gatsby, one can see that he did anything to get Daisy’s attention and make her love him. This leads him to be extremely careless about his money and himself. Gatsby throws huge extravagant parties, which is seen many time through the book. He repeats this for five years hoping Daisy will stop by. He spends countless amounts of money to make these parties to impress Daisy even though she never comes. This is seen when Gatsby states, “‘It was a strange …show more content…

His gesture of throwing shirts at Daisy is done to dazzle her, to show her that he has so much money that he can buy tons and tons of beautiful clothes made of very expensive fabrics. Many of the things he has in his house are just there to impress Daisy and to make her love him more. This shows that Gatsby’s and Daisy’s love is all about materials and what they have and not about themselves. This also hides the fact that they do not truly love each other like they did when they first met and that their relationship will not work out. After examining Gatsby’s materialistic actions, one can see that his love towards isn't true and will not work

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