The Harvest Movie Analysis

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The Life of Farmworks The movie, The Harvest, reveals the hardships that farm workers go through in the perspective of three teenagers. The main characters of this movie is the three teenagers, whose names are Zulema, Perla, and Victor. Within this movie, we get to see an insight of what is their day to day life, their struggles, and what they want to do. Even though, they are all similar in a way they are also different from one another. However, they all want to help their family in any way they can; therefore picking crops is one of the main ways they help out. As a result, they all experience physical pain, are behind in school, and cannot do the things they want to do; for example, being able to stay in one home and go to school events. …show more content…

His main focus, however, is to support his family and if he were given the opportunity to have a better life he wants his family to go with him. Therefore, Victor is a responsible, protective, positive, optimistic young man who enjoys the little things in life. Although Victor had the choice of not picking crops, he started working at Mexico at 8 years old picking lettuce because he wanted to help his parents out, and his parents were not managing well. When Victor gets ready to head out to the fields, he makes sure that he has everything with him, and checks if the truck is still running. He is a hard working teenager, who picks and carries heavy loads of vegetables about 1,500 pounds a day. Since he is a young teenager, he feels pressured to keep up with the other workers because he gets tired faster than them and is not as strong as some of the workers are. After picking the crops, they have to package it and bring it to the warehouse, where they unload what they pick in bundles. When he gets home from picking tomatoes, a mixture of dirt and tomato is on his skin that is hard to get off, as a result, he has to use bleach to remove it. He also works in hazardous conditions, for example, while laying down the tarp and planting watermelon seeds the chemicals coming off the ground made his skin start to come off. Victor is responsible of taking care of his younger sisters and becomes the head of household when his father is taking care of the paperwork to get his older sisters to America. He explains how there is a no guarantee of minimum wage and there is no overtime to work. He becomes very emotional when his sisters finally come to live with them, and thanks God for bringing them to him. After the arrival of the sisters, the atmosphere in their house has become more lively and everybody is more energetic. His family had plans

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