A Raisin The Sun Literary Analysis

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The primary feature of the Younger’s household is the furniture that once were possibly “selected with care and love and even hope—and brought to this apartment and arranged with taste and pride,” (Hansberry, 195) now worn down due to accommodating many bodies throughout the years. This pursuit to keep the family’s spirit alive comes from the most prominent, however occasionally hidden source of power in the Younger family, Lena Younger (Mama), Walter Lee and Beneatha’s mother, Ruth’s mother in law and Travis’s grandmother. She also has a small plant by the only source of daylight in the house, the small window of the kitchen, symbolizing hope, care and growth. The main issue of constant debate and discussion in these household is the $10,000 life insurance check that Mama receives upon her husband 's death. Each of the adults in the house have their own individual ideas and dreams of what they can do with the money. In the beginning, Mama plans to divide the money in portion, mainly between purchasing a new house and to pay for Beneatha’s college education. Beneatha is very ambitious about her education and career pursuit to be a doctor, while Walther wants to invest in a new business. Both rightful in their pursuit, reveal Walter’s own sexism and as they continue to contest which of their goals is more …show more content…

“Hansberry wrote that she always felt the inclination to record her experiences” (Sundari), making her parent’s struggle of moving to a self-segregated white neighborhood the central theme of the play. However, in analyzing the race, gender and economic status of the Youngers, the main components Hansberry doesn’t share with the Yongers is the poverty they face, which has a very real interconnected influence of its own, including the fact that the Youngers family wouldn’t likely have any capacity to bring their case to

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