The House On Mango Street Identity Essay

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Shaped by the journey of life, each and every human develops an everlasting identity from their perception of the world. Everyone’s identity sticks, but humans contain the capacity to change their identity throughout life; an attribute Esperanza shows greatly. Oppressed by male figures and because of her wealth, and race, Esperanza develops her sense of identity from negative aspects of her life, causing her to feel shame and develop an aspiration to form a new identity. For so long she develops her worth from what others think and say about her, but contains the power to see beyond and what her really life holds for her. Amid a male dominant environment, Esperanza’s influences pressure her in ways not acceptable for a developing girl. Her female role models have been corrupted and controlled by the males in her society. This aspect of her life factors hugely of her developing identity and because of what happens around her, she feels her worth plummeting. She does not want to be like the other females in this story and desires a life not controlled by males, but often Esperanza feels as if she doesn’t a…show more content…
Often Esperanza almost gives in to the pressures of who she is “supposed”, to be but unlike others around her, she knows she can make something of her life. She continues to study, even when her peers and role models tell her she will never amount to anything. Her big dreams fuel her willpower. “I am too strong for her to keep me here forever.” (Cisneros, 110) Esperanza knows she is better but also says, “They will not know I have gone away to come back.” (Cisneros, 110) Esperanza changes the way others view of her but deep down her identity will always contain mango street. Her accomplishments add on to her identity, but the bad and good of Mango Street will help her make decisions in the future. They don’t define her but still hold a place in Esperanza’s
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