The Impact Of Warfare In All Quiet On The Western Front

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Warfare has a devastating impact, that can provide an impact on the nature of humankind. “All Quiet on the Western Front” is a film that visualizes to the audience the struggles and hardships that the soldiers endured while fighting in World War 1 for Germany. The audience sees the stress not only mentally, but physically that the soldiers have to go through while at war. This film allows future generations to understand the devastating impact warfare had on everything and also provides insight into the nature on humankind. There are many scenes that are good examples for future generations to see the impact war had on the humankind throughout this film. The first scene that you get the see the terrible impact war has on humankind is when Kat dies. During the movie, Paul and Kat are in battle, and Kat is shot in the leg. Paul proceeds to lay him down and bandage his leg. No medical help is coming to help Kat, and he continues to bleed through the bandage, so Paul is determined to carry Kat to the hospital. Paul carries Kat on his shoulders, a very long distance, to get to the nearest medical treatment center. It takes a lot of strength for Paul to carry Kat all that way, and it makes him hurt even more, when he find out that Kat was hit in the head, and killed while he was …show more content…

Paul gets injured during war, and is allowed time to leave and visit home. When he returns home, he finds out that is mother is battling with cancer, and is struggling with her health. Paul must then return back to war, knowing that he may never get to see his mother again. This put a lot of stress on Paul, because he not only has to worry about his life while at war, but he also has to worry about how his mother is doing and is she is going to survive. This gives him a lot more stress than he can handle, impacting the nature on

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