The Importance Of Adversity In Society

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Adversity is the motivator of our society. Without adversity, would we still appreciate what we have more? When faced with difficulty and misfortune we tend to see life in a whole new light. Adversity is different for every individual and this is what makes us unique. Since the word adversity is such a sad term, how does it shape our individual identity? The problems and struggles we face in our everyday lives mold us into who we are today. If everyone was everyone was the same this would affect our individual identity, as an example; In the short story “More” the character is faced with adversity, they are trying to change the problems and difficulties of his society. Making these changes did not change the end result, everyone ones the same as before but is less really more? In our society, we are faced with a problem, it can be major or minor, we take these problems make a decision; should clean today or not? Every problem leads to an end result. Our problems can really have a toll on our opinions action etc. If we lived in a world where problems were nonexistent would be still have our attributes and values. The hardships we face makes us who we are as an individual. Watching the film “More” everyone is the same, the world is all the same color everyone has a certain role they must play. Analyzing the film, you realize that they are unhappy, no one in the film is unique they created a false view on happiness, believing you are able to purchase such a thing at a store. If
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