Differences In The Giver Novel By Lois Lowry

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“There is this plague of sameness, that is killing the human joy”

Everything and everyone in the world is different. Sameness makes the world seem blunt. Difference is what makes people unique. If everyone was the same the world would not be interesting and everyone and everything would be boring. The same things happen over and over again. Nothing changes or nothing interesting happens. The Giver novel by Lois Lowry shows that with sameness, no ones life has many good advantages but shows to us the readers, many disadvantages.

"We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others."

If sameness ruled the world then we wouldn 't have any choice. We couldn 't decide on what clothes we wanted to wear, what we wanted to eat, where we wanted to go etc. The list of possibilities is endless. If we don 't have the choice to what we desire then we feel blunt and pressured to feel a certain way. When we have the choice we feel empowered, where we have the ability to make the choices that will make us feel good and happy. Feelings are a main part of differences. Everyone feels …show more content…

It is important to us and some others what we choose. If we chose what everyone else chose there would be no excitement or individuality. Everyone is different and different is what makes the world unique. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. You can find people who tend to like the same types of things but not every single little detail of everything that one likes, the other would like too. There are similarities which connects people, but differences is what makes people feel connected to themselves. The choices in life we have are not as limited as people think. People feel pressured to like the same things as others so that they will be well likes but little do they know, if they like something different and express it freely and passionately they will most likely be worshiped for showing a more unique and inquisitive side of

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