Taco Head Analysis

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No one wants to be different but, everyone is. One of the main reason is culture. There are so many cultures that it makes it seem you are different from everyone else. In “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan, and “Taco Head” by Viola Candales both narrators face internal conflict with their culture and how people see them. They struggle with who they are, and who they want to be. The narrator's are similar and different in many ways. Both narrators learns a lesson about being proud of their culture, but the lessons came from different people in their lives so, that affected them in different ways and what they took away from the lesson. In both stories, they learn a similar lesson about their culture. In “Fish Cheeks” and “Taco Head” they both learn that they …show more content…

In “Fish Cheeks” Amy realizes she should be proud of who she is even if she tries being American, and not to be ashamed of her Chinese customs and traditions. She learns to always be true to herself. In “Taco Head” it’s different because Sofia learns to be who she is. Sofia learns to be proud of who she is and to stand up for herself and all the Mexican American kids like her. In “Taco Head” it also said, “That year I kicked that girl in all classes and sports, especially soccer.” So Sofia tried to beat the bully without using violence or being mean back, she tried to use her mental and athletic ability to beat the bully. At the end of the story Amy is more true to herself whereas Sofia tries to beat the bully and stand up for who she is.
In the stories “Fish Cheeks” and “Taco Head” both narrators learn similar lessons about being themselves. They should be proud of who they are because as Dr. Seuss says, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” This is an important quote because why should Amy and Sofia be someone they aren’t. If you are born different you were for a reason, use it as an advantage and be the best you can possibly

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